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What People Say About Us

Before moving to the North West, Lynn spent more than 2500 hours helping people on the East Coast organize their closets, garages, offices, basements and their lives.  Read what her clients have to say about her...

Nora (Washington D.C.)

When we went to my brother's townhouse for the first time after his passing, we had no idea what we would be facing: 20 years of Hoarding. We could only open the front door wide enough for one person to squeeze in at a time.

We were horrified at what we found. Trash everywhere, furniture piled to the ceiling, valuables and collectibles mixed in with the clutter. Dog odors mixed with garden fertilizer odors, and even holes in the walls where the rats had built nests. I was overcome and certainly did not know where to turn. A friend suggested I call Clutterbusters, and I was very fortunate to have Lynn Lee heading up the job.

I was immediately impressed with Lynn's "Can-Do" attitude, and though I was very shaken up, as well as embarrassed at inviting her in, Lynn did not exhibit one ounce of fear, or express one iota of judgment about my brother's living conditions. She simply rolled up her sleeves, assessed the situation, designed a plan of attack, and went at it. Day after day, in harsh conditions in the middle of winter, (the heat had been turned off and there was no water), Lynn cleared paths, loaded trash bags, pulled treasured photos out of moldy-wet bins, rescued an engraved I.D. bracelet, and two gold watches amidst the utter chaos and heartbreaking mess.

We will be forever grateful for Lynn's attention to detail--without which we would never have been able to keep these special memories of my beloved brother, which now have a special place in our hearts and our home. As a business woman myself, I have always surrounded myself with good people with high standards. However, I have NEVER met anyone with the WORK-ETHIC of Lynn Lee. She brought speed, tenacity, and encouragement to an impossible situation. The results were nothing short of a miracle. Not only was I able to sell the house in record time, but more importantly, thanks to Lynn and all her effort, I was able to restore my brother's dignity.

I am forever grateful and consider myself a life-long friend of Lynn Lee and Clutterbusters.

Angela S. (Maryland)

I have used Clutterbusters on two occasions.  Their assistance has been life-changing.  Lynn and her team were an incredible non-judgmental support.  The first time I used them was just for basic organization to my entire home.  It was completed in a day.  The second time was a huge job. I was moving from a 3 bedroom home to a 1 bedroom apartment.  I needed to purge a lifetime of collections and pack for my move.  During this move I needed to identify those things I truly cherished.  It was challenging, but it was done and my move was very smooth.  Everything was packed well - nothing was broken when I unpacked.  Lynn also coordinated and  managed the donations process which was very extensive.  

I now live in New York.  I moved here not knowing a soul, but I felt at home immediately because all that I brought with me were those things I truly cherished.  I could not have had such a smooth transition without Lynn's assistance.

Heather S. (Washington, D.C.)

I was fortunate enough to have Lynn referred to me by my interior decorator.  I never thought I needed a Clutterbuster, but I quickly saw the light.  Lynn was nothing short of outstanding.  She was flexible, understanding, unassuming, and above and beyond helpful.  She not only helped me clean out several years of clutter, she also gave me excellent tips on where things can be recycled or donated.  I never knew how much more space I had in my house.  it was an amazing transformation, and I miss her tremendously!

Holly D. (Boulder, CO)

Lynn Lee was a wonderful helper for my mother Helene (85). She came into my mother's apartment and totally organized 30 years of paper, boxes and bric-a-brac that my mother had accumulated. Her wonderful demeanor and gentle, patient style were the key to getting my mother’s apartment organized, cleaned and manageable. I would recommend Lynn for any job large or small and trust her implicitly with getting it done in a professional and timely manner. Lynn spent over a year with my mother and we came to rely on her common sense and thoughtful suggestions.

Gailyn G. (Maryland)
Lynn Lee's Clutterbusting skills are awesome. She helps you make the correct and needed decisions about your excess stuff in a kind, but firm manner and moves you out of your ruts and on to new ways of housekeeping.  Put yourself and your home or office in her hands today and get on with the rest of your life.    (Gailyn, thanks for the great catch-phrase! /Lynn)

Jenny N. (Maryland)​

Lynn led the team and was a great help to me during a time when I was establishing an office at home and trying to create room by going through old storage.  She was very non-invasive and set aside things that I needed to make a decision on.  What was very helpful was she understood right away what was important and what was not important to me and she was able to eliminate or donate items without having to interact with me at all.  In the end, I had a very organized space, with everything labeled.  The most helpful piece was when Lynn helped me organize all of my scrapbooking supplies, papers, embellishments, stickers, etc.... before I had them all in storage bins, she labeled and organized everything by color or theme. Because Lynn was so easy to work with I made sure I asked for her specifically when I had Clutterbusters come back after the first time.


Carol L. (Virginia)
I was at my wits-end knowing I needed to reduce my junk and clutter in preparation to move from the East Coast to the West Coast.  I know myself and there is no way I would be able to take on this task by myself because it seemed overwhelming.  Lynn came to the rescue and we worked as a very efficient team.  Lynn kept me on track and the task of sorting the "keep," "donate," and "toss" items went very quickly.  She did the labor of bagging and preparing for the donation pickup--what a relief for me!  Lynn even made it easy for me to take pictures for my tax claim!  One of my biggest rewards for giving up my "stuff" is that she recommended I donate to a thrift store run by a pet rescue so I knew my donation was going to a cause close to my heart.  She was a Godsend in preparation for my move.  I'd hire her again and strongly recommend Lynn to assist anyone in de-cluttering/organizing or preparing for a move!​


Alison F. (Virginia)

Lynn and her team of organizers are wonderful!!! After getting married and combining two households, having three children, and helping my mom downsize, we found ourselves with an enormous household full of stuff. It was overwhelming, and I was exhausted. Lynn and her team swooped in and within a few hours made our home feel lighter and twice as big. They are focused, strong, and efficient professionals, but very easy going and down to earth. I worked side by side with them and felt like I was talking to a group of good friends. It was fun!
In the past, I had hired a maid service to help with organizing, but because they were not professional organizers, I didn’t achieve the results I was looking for. Lynn and her team possess the skills and experience to teach me how to tackle a tough space and how to keep it neat moving forward. For my birthday this year, I am treating myself to another session with Lynn’s team. I cannot thank them enough!


Laura L. (Washington, D.C.)​

Lynn was my 'go-to' organizer for many years, after I found her through Clutterbusters. What a relief to finally have someone who was not afraid to get her hands dirty and take matters into her own hands. I recall, on many occasions, I would stand there almost paralyzed by the sheer volume of work that needed to be done, while Lynn was running around, asking me questions "do you want to keep this?" or "shall we put this in that box?" When I looked at the transformation, it was with amazement. No way in the world I could done my basement, garage, and move to a new home, without her. Lynn, I miss you a ton since your move. I know whomever gets you as their personal organizer is one lucky person!


Doug S. (Maryland)

Lynn Lee has been a tremendous help to me and my business for a number of years. As a result of her efforts, business and other documents are well organized and easy to access in both hard copy and electronic form. She has saved me time, money, and frustration through her organizational skills.
I have a consulting practice that requires the use of extensive legal, Federal regulatory and scientific documents. I was hopelessly overwhelmed with the inflow of correspondence and documents. Consequently, important client work was frequently misplaced within unrelated piles of paper on my office desk, book shelves, and floor. It was not uncommon for me to expend significant amounts of time trying to locate critical documents needed to prepare for discussions with clients or to read in order to keep up-to-date in my field of expertise.
Lynn’s first step in helping me was to take the time to understand my business, client needs, and how I work. Through that understanding she was able to help me triage the many documents in my office and organize them in a manner that helped prioritize my work and significantly reduce the time needed to access relevant work documents.
I highly recommend Lynn to any individual or business that has issues similar to the ones I have described.


Betty C. (Virginia)

I thought I had done a lot when I whittled 5 bed rooms full of furniture down to one.  It turned out the hard decision process was just beginning.  I had only gotten rid of the “easy” stuff.  I had moved the” just love this but don’t have room for it” objects, the guilty keeps, the “will use again” things, and the “can fix this” stuff to the basement and closet.

Lynn and Gail, another Clutter Buster, helped me de-clutter and get rid of over 50 years of these type collections.   It was not easy because they didn’t come in and start throwing things out.  They had me make the decisions.  Lynn and Gail “took me by the hand” and helped me into the decision process.  This is a big step for someone who saves everything (It was Mom’s, I got it to remember my first “fill in the blank”, my sister made that for me when she was 10, my son drew that when he was in 5th grade, my daughter may want those report cards to give to her child.)    All “savers” know what I am talking about.

I used all of the excuses to save all the things that gathered dust as they took up space in the basement.  Lynn had heard them all and had a retort to all of them.  She also had a solution to each of my excuses and convinced me I could live without most of them. 

I did call Clutter Busters a few months after the first visit.  Lynn and Gail came in again and guided me through the last of the clutter.  I felt so free and happy after getting rid of all the extra things that can clutter a life style.  I haven’t forgotten the lessons Lynn and Gail taught me.  I still have messes accumulate but I now I have the motivation, incentive, and know-how to get the clutter out of the house


Karen A. (Maryland)

I am so thankful that I called Clutterbusters. Having a scheduled time set up and the encouragement from Lynn kept the project moving forward when I would have been side-tracked by each opened box. Lynn helped me focus on what was important and what needed to find a new home. Now when I have a few moments to work on a craft, I can spend my time doing the craft versus spending all my time looking for what I need and cleaning up my craft area. It is well worth the time and investment. Thank you so much Lynn!


Jenni H. (Maryland)

When I first called Clutterbusters, I wasn't sure what to expect. But then I met Lynn.  She came in eager to start work immediately and helped keep me motivated and focused.  We were able to accomplish far more than I expected.  I was extremely pleased and would recommend her to anyone wanting to get a lot accomplished in a short time.

Crystal S. (Maryland)

Lynn was extremely professional and efficient. She transformed my rooms and garage, which had 8 years of clutter, into areas that were more organized than when we first moved into the house. I would recommend her without reservation.  Clutterbusters is an affordable way to "spring clean" any time of the year.


Kim S. (Maryland)

Lynn quickly and professionally helped me get my cluttered, disorganized house clean and under control. Not only did she help me de-clutter, she also assisted me in setting up systems to keep things organized going forward!​​


Deb B. (Virginia - Multiple Sclerosis Survivor)

I wish I had Lynn again to help me organize my home and my life.


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