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Lynn Lee came to the US from England

with her husband, Chris, in 1984.  She has worked in banking, microfilm production management and real estate title searching, all situations where attention to detail as well as organization and management skills are critical.  In 2007, Lynn started working for Betsy Fein and Clutterbusters!! in Maryland where she clocked up over 2,500 hours of organizing by herself and with teams.  Working on a wide range of projects including quite a few hoarding situations, she was frequently requested to come back and work on additional projects, developing a number of long-term customers who needed help maintaining their clutter-free lives.

Lynn and Chris moved to Washington in 2011 where she helped in the establishment of his sales and management training company. Now she has formed Clutterbusters!! WA, helping Washingtonians get de-cluttered and back in control of their lives.

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