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Our Rates

Our rate is $60 per hour.

Clutterbusters!! WA reserves the right to refuse jobs where conditions are considered unsafe for any reason.

Our Process

In our initial phone call we will discuss your needs, goals and visions and see how we can best help you.  

Please understand that there are many factors which can impact how long a project will take, one being the client themselves.  The quicker you are at making decisions on each item that we go through, the more we get done.  Some find it hard to make quick decisions and this can add to the time.  We will work as quickly and efficiently as possible while taking care that all is done right.

All projects are different.  Some require little input from the client which enables us to work by ourselves. Many require decisions which means we need input from you.  How much you participate is up to you.  The more you get involved the more is achieved and you will learn from us some basic skills to help you maintain.  If preferred you can sit and tell us what you want to keep, donate or trash and we do all the running around.

Gift Certificates Available on Request

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

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